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All I got to say is I thank this single dress for helping me break my fear of wearing sleeveless clothing


Abdul Ndadi is an animator from Ghana and a graduate from the School of Visual Arts, NY class of 2013.  He’s created an animation film entitled Orisha’s Journey (2014) which will be shown at the Hiroshima International Animation Festival in Japan (21st August 2014 - 25th August 2014).

Orisha’s Journey is a fantasy tale of a girl’s journey through the spirit world (‘Orisha’ denotes a spirit in Nigerian Yoruba cosmology), who must learn about the importance of remembering one’s roots. The film, set in a mysterious walking forest, explores the power of a child’s imagination and the deep meanings and manifestations of Africa.

The film is based on African folklore. I want to show another side to Africa besides safaris, so I explore different aspects of different countries around Africa in order to give the viewer a pan-African experience. It’s important to me that Africans feel that no matter where they’re from, they’re part of my film. In the West, there is not a lot of exposure to real Africans  — most people only go as far as The Lion King.  I want to take people farther, to create a deeper meaning. There is a word in Ghanaian: “Sankofa” – it means to return that which was lost. It is a symbol for not forgetting your roots and learning from the past. It is said that a tree without roots cannot stand. - Abdul Ndadi





200 follower giveaway!
Hi everyone! Because I’m so happy I managed to get 200 followers, I’ve decided to do a give-away to thank you all!
So, what do I get?
Good question, my dear! You get:
10 pairs of false lashes
A tube of lash glue
1 bottle of Magic Forest Liquid Lip in Cherry Pink
1 Pen Eyeliner in Black
1 TuTu 3 Colour Pallet in colour 6 (Pinks)
A cute pink brush set
And also an adorable bag to keep it in!
What are the rules to this?
You must be following me! I will check!
Reblog as many times as you want, but please don’t spam your followers!
Please do not delete this text!
Likes don’t count! But you can use them to keep track of this post!
No giveaway blogs, please! Again, I will check!
If you are under 18, please get permission as I need your address to ship!
Do I have to be in England for this giveaway?
Nope, not at all! I will try to ship to all countries I can! Please bear in mind though that some products may not be allowed to be shipped to some countries, and that if you do live outside of England shipping times may vary!
Sounds good! So when does this giveaway end?
This giveaway ends on the 21st October (My birthday!). 25th December!
Why so long away?!
Because, my dear, the more notes this gets the more things you can win! That’s right, for every 200 notes, something extra gets added to the giveaway! So get reblogging!The longer time allows for more items to be added!
Is there anything else I should know?
(This is the serious stuff) It is at my discretion to change the giveaway for any reason at all. I am not responsible for anything lost/broken in transport to the winner (I will always provide Proof of postage!). I will not release the url of the winner unless they express that that is their wish. The first-pick winner has three days to respond to me, and if they do not another winner will be chosen. Items may not look exactly like the picture, but I will make sure they are of good quality! Also, if this does not get at least 500 notes I shall be forced to end the giveaway. Please understand this!
Good luck!

We got to 200 notes! (And I didn’t realize!) So, therefore, I will be adding something!I will be adding a pair of blue circle lenses!

And a cute cookie box to keep them in!

Keep reblogging, and good luck!

Hi everyone!
I have decided to extend this give away until Christmas (25th December!) to give everyone a chance to enter (Also since I already bought the stuff yet it didn’t reach 500 notes whoops XD) So please keep entering! Good luck!

danny ‘legs for days’ sexbang

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First stage Myu actresses Anza Ooyama and Morino Ayako (Sailor Moon and Sailor Mercury) making a small cameo in episode 191 of the anime in their MOMO outfits

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You can’t pick and choose what parts of feminism you want. You can’t support your queer sisters but not your trans sisters. You can’t support your fat sisters but not your sisters of colour. Being a feminist means creating a positive and equal space for women. The second you start excluding women based on which characteristics you do or do not find appealing you have defeated the whole point of being a feminist.



this one dedicated to vampchronfic <3

We all know Lestat’s writing severely went downhill when he boycotted me as his editor.

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